SN8 Starship

Starship SN8 15km Orbital Launch Coming Soon

The amazing feature pic above was take by the talented BocaChicaGal, Mary. You can follow her on

Current Update: 15km orbital launch has been postponed and is unknown. This was due to an anomaly caused during static test fire.

We are in the middle of some exciting times. One of them is the on the development of SpaceX’s Starship. At this current moment they have set up a new Starship, Serial Number 8. It is currently sitting on launch pad waiting to be launched at Boca Chica, Texas. It seems as if there is now a launch window period from 9 to 11 November 2020 from when this space flight will take place. This will be a 15km orbital flight which is going to be something quite momentous.

We just have to keep a close eye on this as to when this will launch. I have included a live cam feed of SN8, courtesy of Lab Padre where you can watch it’s current development. SpaceX will probably also have a live feed of this which they probably will make live 10 minutes before it all happens. Another channel worth keeping touch of its developments would be NASA Space Flight, who seem to be closely affiliated with Mary, known as @BocaChicaGal. She is constantly covering on what goes on down there and has amazing photos to share.

Below is a tweet from Michael Baylor of SpaceX’s target date, as per the road and beach closures: –