Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch

Waiting wantonly for Wandavision

I don’t know if you all feel the same, but I am sitting here in full anticipation. The new series of Wandavision is going to appear on screen soon on Disney+. What exact date I cannot be sure of, but it seems somewhere around December-ish 2020. If I hear anything more about the actual date, I will keep you in the loop on this.

I have included a teaser to this page in case you might not have checked this. Looking at the teaser, and getting the gist of this, it seems that Wanda is experiencing a state of madness. To be quite frank I am not at all surprised. I can only imagine the rage and anguish she feels after the death of the man of her life, Vision. She had this one shot to literally decimate Thanos for killing Vision, but he quickly saved himself by attacking her with ships from above. The sense of helplessness that she must have felt then must have been so overwhelming. On this show, the possibility of embedding one’s self in a protective bubble such as a sitcom makes a whole lot of sense.

This show could most likely show the full extent of the power of this super babe. If I am correct she could pretty much create a whole world within her own mind she is that powerful. It seems that in her own desperation, she could be trying to resurrect Vision.

There also seems to be chatter on the web that she could become a villain, and that wouldn’t be surprising. With the amount of crazy I think we’ll see in this show, she might lash out in the state of her own rage on everyone.

For all we know, she might join up with her father Magneto in the Brotherhood of Mutants. She was originally depicted as Villain. She was one of the founders of the Brotherhood of Mutants, alongside her father and brother, Quicksilver. There had been some mention of Quicksilver and Magneto appearing on the show too.

But like I say, this is as much as I can suss about what is happening on this show. If I hear more, I will send more info your way.