Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda’s name is finally revealed in “The Mandalorian”

In “The Mandalorian” S2, Ep 13, we finally get to find out what Baby Yoda’s actual name is. If you haven’t watched the episode and don’t mind spoilers, then please read further.

Baby Yoda’s name revealed

In the episode, the Mandalorian meets a legendary Jedi that we know of, known as Ashoka Tano. The bombshell Rosario Dawson is the actress of Ashoka. Ashoka was the student of the great Anakin Skywalker. She has some Jedi conversation with Baby Yoda and later reveals to the Mandalorian that his name is Groku. We also get told that Groku is a foundling who fifty years old. Obviously realising that he is not all that much of a baby, he might not be able to speak Mando’s tongue presumably.

It is interesting to learn from Ashoka Tano that she is unable to teach little Groku because of the fear he has been feeling since the destruction of the Jedi order. Ashoka discovered this while she was talking to Groku.

The battle against the city of Calodan

Ashoka has a battle with Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth, the leader of Calodan City towards the end of the episode. She forces the magistrate to tell her who her master is. Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth surprisingly reveals that her master is Thrawn. This is very interesting. If this is the character I am thinking of,  then we are in for one hell of a story as this could tie into the Star Wars saga written by Timothy Zahn. The main bad guy to this fantastic Star Wars saga is the infamous Grand Admiral Thrawn.

In my own opinion their best TV series ever made by Disney+ to date. Correction! This has to be the best series ever made to date. From the photography to the actual filming set is unbelievable. The actors on the show are also very well known and the story is amazing. Disney+ would be stupid ever they ever consider cancelling this masterpiece.