SN8 Starship

Update: Change to SN8 Starship take-off date

The feature photo od the SN8 was taken by BocaChicaGal, Mary

There has been a new update in terms of when the SN8. The date is not the 30th as presumed (You’re killing us Elon!).

Elon Musk mentioned that the 30 December 2020 is another static fire. We should have orbital flight no earlier than Wednesday. I guess we can’t get mad with the man. This is quite an expensive piece of mech, and I am sure he would like to see this work without having to blow up in a ball of flames. I am unsure of any given time for the flight at the moment, but I will keep you posted on when I hear something.

Elon tweet

It is official, SN8 Starship has been fixed and the pad was also re-concreted. The incident with the static fire on 12 December 2020. SN8 Starship shattered chunks of concrete from the pad and obviously had struck the engine. New modifications had also been made which is visible by the valve that appeared on the nose cone.

The 15km orbital launch is set for 30 December, between 7AM CST and 6PM CST. If you’re on the GMT timezone, that would be between 1PM GMT to 12AM GMT. You can check on the times on your local time on this online time conversion converter which I set to CST from the website Just add your area to the calculator and it should work out the times for you.

The launch most likely can be viewed from either LabPadre or from SpaceX